27 years ago, I listened to a set of motivational cassette tapes in my car daily prior to my Master’s choral conducting recital. The guy doing the motivating was Denis Waitley. I was so excited when I learned that he was one of the speakers in the Success Symposium in San Diego on Thursday.

Here’s a few nuggets for you from Mr. Waitley:
Know thyself: what did you love to do as a child?
Chase your passion, not your pension.
Winners believe in their dream.
Live by choice, rather than chance.
Winners dwell on success.
Risk being a fool in the eyes of others.
Learn by others who’ve been there before.
What I leave in my children is more important than what I leave for them
Don’t live on “someday” isle.
Give all your attention to what’s before you. Leave all your failures behind. This is your moment.
Don’t wait for the future… it’s here.