I love summer!

I love summer!  I was thinking about my Mom this morning.  It’s my last summer morning to sleep in and lounge around drinking coffee in my robe as I read my devotions and reflect.  My Mom was a school teacher for around 30 years.   She loved her summers, too.  She loved gardening and grew amazing vegetables and flowers.  In early August, she would find the finest tomato, the biggest cucumber, the largest eggplant and head over to the fairgrounds to enter them in the fair.  I remember husking sweet corn for freezing and snipping beans for canning.  It seemed like it took hours on that back porch to get through a big bag loaded with ears of corn.  The reward was worth it!  Corn on the cob for supper was one of summer’s finest treats!


Her flower garden was splendid!  You name it, every kind of beautiful and fragrant flower was there, blooming boldly.  Mom also spent her summers cleaning out the closets and kitchen cupboards, having a garage sale, tinkering in her antiques store, and cooking endless hours for our family.  The favorites:  fresh buns and cinnamon rolls.   She would mix and cook and fry and bake daily.  Just thinking of it exhausts me!  But, oh, the flavor!

My Dad had a ski boat, so almost every Saturday we’d head over to the river to do some boating and Mom would bring the fried chicken, baked beans, fresh buns, cookies and cinnamon rolls.  I’m afraid it wasn’t much of a break for her, but she loved every minute of it.  On Sunday, she’d prepare something to take for the weekly potluck brunch at church.  She was nonstop in that kitchen!

So, as I was thinking about my Mom this morning, I thought of how hard she worked.  I remember her driving off to teach kindergarten and music every day.  She’d get home around 3:30, take her 20 minute nap and start making dinner.  She was a very good and dedicated teacher.  She was an investor as she bought a home to renovate (we had our own construction crew… my 4 brothers) and rented it out.  She was an entrepreneur as she opened an antique store and filled it to the rafters with every antique one could imagine!

Mom always made time for reading her Bible, reading various books and spending time in prayer.  She always knelt to pray by her bed before she crawled in to sleep.  She loved her Savior, Jesus Christ.  She was an incredibly loving and devoted Mother and wife.  She lived a beautiful and blessed life.

Summers are the best time of the year.  I love my summers.  My Mom loved her summers, too.  ❤